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The credentials that have made NYX Gaming a major online casino industry name

NYX Gaming are a true rarity of the online casino world, this is because they are an Australian based company who have managed to crack European market. It is no surprise to hear about how the European market likes to operate within itself, but NYX have worked wonders to upset the applecart – Visit or any other established gaming portal and you will have no problem finding a NYX backed casino online in their list of recommendations. Operating in a similar fashion to Microgaming and Quickfire, NYX Gaming operates with a similar fashion with its own subsidiary NextGen. The two companies work together under the NYX Gaming banner and offer some of the world’s biggest progressive jackpot and tabletop online casino games. Mobile devices and desktop computers are now showcasing the very best that this Australian developer has to offer, marking the company’s arrival on the industry’s main stage.

Split System

The way NYX Gaming works is fairly simple. The original NYX Gaming brand operates the OGS casino solution, which makes sure that players have reliable place to play. While NextGen Gaming, the key subsidiary, handles game development, which ensures players have plenty to play. It is safe to say that this split system works well, as it has teamed-up with more than 100 operators, working to distribute games 300 plus games to players around the globe. Not only that, the selection of games is growing at a rabid rate too, with hundreds of additional titles set to debut in the years to come. However, in spire of its positives, it seems that the split system setup has divided critical opinion. As in some organisations it creates detachment between the financial operation and game development sides of the business. NYX Gaming have made sure that this isn’t the case, as the company’s subsidiaries, while operating under separate names, are all operations that still work together as a single unit.

Feature Rich

Games released by NYX Gaming are by no means your average online casino games. Development is in-depth and focused, resulting in the release of truly feature rich titles. Titles such as Foxin Wins, Irish Eyes 2, Holly Madison, Medusa II, Remess Riches, Judge Dredd, and Foxin Wins Again have redefined the genre of online slots. What has made them so special has been their graphical performance and adoption of the ‘243 Ways to Win’ idea. Few other developers have been able to rival the online casino game experience that NYX Gaming titles manage to deliver. Putting it simply, when you sit down to play am NYX Gaming slots game, you will more than likely be sitting down to play a visually brilliant game that comes filled to the brim with features.

Bright Future

Not only are NYX Gaming a rare Australian name to enter the European market, they can also be considered one of the industry’s younger names. Time is very much on the side of NYX Gaming, as they have come from seemingly out of nowhere and are now working hard to solidify their position within the industry. Insuring that the future remains bright the company they are pushing forward with continual design innovation. 3D gaming represents a key part of what NYX Gaming present, now with that reputation well known, the demand for NYX Gaming products is only set to escalate.

Guts Casino brings full-3D slots action with The Slotfather

If an online casino game wants to find a fan base these days it needs to be multi-faceted. It has been said a thousand times; there simply is no room for one trick ponies in such a competitive landscape. Knowing that players now make certain demands when it comes to new online slots titles, many developers have looked to up the ante as far as game creation is concerned. Opting for a more cinematic and video game like experience, Betsoft have created The Godfather inspired game that is aptly named The Slotfather.

Improvements have been plentiful when it comes to game quality in recent years and no online casino has showcased this more than Guts Casino. Featuring the latest games from NetEnt, Microgaming, and Betsoft, top-grade technology is regularly on display. Hundreds of games, including the latest 3D slots release in the form of The Slotfather, make Guts Casino an online casino portal darling and for good reason.

The Cutting Edge

The reality of the situation is that the industry had to move on from the 2D slot games of yesteryear. While such games do provide players with a fresh slice of nostalgia, they no longer represent slots gaming at its very best. Among the 1000+ slot games you will find online (700 of which are available at Guts Casino), it is the 3D video slots on hand that represent true industry innovation. Bringing together stunning visuals, fascinating characters, and a whole host of intriguing story elements, 3D slots are the clear future of online slots play. As more developers take up the 3D slots cause in 2015, it has taken something special from the established names in order to sign-up.

An Offer You Can’t Refuse

The inspiration for The Slotfather is fairly evident. The Godfather was considered not only one of the greatest films of the 1970s, but one of the greatest films of all time. The adaptation of Mario Puzo’s novel is considered truly iconic and has proven to a great inspiration for Betsofts’s latest 3D slots title. The Slotfather is not only easy on the eye; it pushes the gangster’s of days gone by into the limelight. While it may have found its inspiration from within The Godfather film franchise, it is decisively more light-hearted in nature. The on-screen characters have a cartoon look that makes them easy on the eye. What makes this game truly special from a design standpoint is the games unbelievable attention to detail. Every single aspect of the game features flawless animation, the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else.

The Slotfather isn’t just impressive in the design stakes either; it has some fun gameplay elements too. Livening up proceedings is the games wild symbols, bonuses, and free spins, which provide players with countless chances to win big. Rewarding in almost every way, The Slotfather really does present an offer that players can’t refuse.

Plenty of Guts

There is no online casino that brings more online slots action to players than Guts Casino. After adding The Slotfather to the mix, players now have even more incentive to start spinning the reels at Guts Casino. In order to sweeten the deal, you can go through a site like If you  register at Guts Casino from their casino portal, you’ll be in line to receive a £300 ‘Welcome Package’. Passionate about slots and providing a phenomenal online casino experience, Guts Casino can take you right to the heart of the gambling action.