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EveryMatrix granted license by UK Gambling Commission

It can be argued that the UK has become the hottest online casino market in the world. The action taking place on British shores is both fast and furious, with players seemingly unable to get enough of what is on offer. Because of this, every online casino gaming operator from around the world is desperate to make sure they have the right to offers services to UK based players. The latest name to get their hands on a UK iGaming and sports betting license from the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is EveryMatrix. A brand that is considered to be a true up and comer in the industry, the awarding of the license is seen to be a major step forward for the company.

Coming through a mid-morning announcement, an EveryMatrix representative said that the company had obtained both a General Betting Standard Real Event License and a UKGC General Software License. What the licenses will mean is that EveryMatrix can now legally offer both iGaming provisions and sports betting operations to those based in the UK. The two new license additions can be added to the existing UKGC Online Casino License that the company already has for the UK market. It is clear that EveryMatrix has its eyes fixated on the UK market and with an army of licenses behind them; the company’s efforts are clearly built off of sturdy foundations.

EveryMatrix has previously had great success in the Scandiavian countries, and Sweden in particular. Almost every casino online that uses Every Matrix is featured on the bigger portals in Sweden, such as http://casinohits.se/casinoonline.

Industry analysts believe that the new licenses give EveryMatrix the perfect platform to launch full-scale marketing launch in the UK. Putting power behind their efforts, few other companies seem to have the same level of backing that EveryMatrix does, outside of the truly big industry names. Speaking on the recent licensing approval, EveryMatrix Chief Executive Officer Ebbe Groes said, “Once more we take great pride in the fact that our operations are viewed in such high esteem by the regulatory bodies in the United Kingdom. It is clear by operating in such high accordance to current regulations that we are now able to offer the full-range of our software to members”. He also spoke on how the company has plans to move forward with European focused expansion plans, “We consider ourselves to be a serious software supplier and one of the very best at that. As our UK presence grows, we have plans to increasing our licensing position throughout Europe, exploring new markets in the process”. At time of writing EveryMatrix is licensed in Curacao, Malta, and now the UK, with operations geared towards 30 different nations.

With the news of EveryMatrix’s latest licensing approval hitting the online casino newswires, one thing is becoming increasingly evident. EveryMatrix is an online casino industry name that has its eyes set on expansion, both in the UK and throughout Europe. If you hold any interest in the online gambling landscape, one thing is for sure, EveryMatrix will be a name to watch in 2015 and beyond.