Why it is time to get excited about live casino gaming

15 years ago a new innovation would land on the World Wide Web that would bring with it a brand new age of gambling. The online casino concept had been muted for many years, but when it finally arrived it truly did change the game. For countless years developers have worked tirelessly to develop new games and new concepts to help keep the online casino landscape feeling fresh. This has ultimately resulted in the industry becoming digitised in many aspects. While the evolution has been phenomenal, many feel that the true feel of online casino gaming has got lost in the shuffle.

In an attempt to bring a sense of atmosphere back to the proceedings, the live casino concept has been innovated and it is time to get excited about it. Defining a live casino is simple enough, as it is an online casino game that brings real-life action to players through web stream based platforms. The entire concept for live casino gaming was created in order blend together land-based atmosphere and online environment accessibility. By giving players a taste of two different gaming worlds, something that has been seldom seen before was created. When you play at a live casino you will interact directly with a dealer, initiating bets, rolling the dice, spinning the wheel, and dealing the cards, it is all done by hand. It often makes for quite the spectacle, with live casinos now proving players with a truly authentic casino experience. It’s easy to find good live casinos these days – just pay a visit to http://www.freespins.uk.com/, and you can find reviews of a large amount of live casinos, and then just pick one from there.

From a technological standpoint the setup for live casino games isn’t actually that complicated. Looking at what Enterasia, Evolution Gaming, Entwine Tech, and CWC Gaming have done recently, they have all invested heavily in live stream setups. In such instances the dealer is located within a studio with a webcam focused on their location, the dealer handles the in-game actions directly. Player actions are initiated through an onscreen control panel, in a similar way to a normal online casino game. The creation of the live casino environment makes online casino play seemingly more realistic and easier on the eye. It has also been argued that it has also brought a level of tranquillity to the online casino environment. Future innovations could include both voice and video interaction with the dealers, along with increased in-game social elements.

From conception to execution, live casino suites have the player experience in mind. That player experience is only set to grow as online casinos learn and adapt to the technology involved. At time of writing the game selection is a little limited, but brand new games are by all accounts on the horizon. Looking at several interesting gaming portal previews, it seems like less common games (such as Crazy 21) are all set to be thrust into the limelight. Leading operators like BGO Vegas are now heavily promoting their live casino options, and it is only a matter of time before the concept is adopted industry wide.

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